My teacher cannot log into a classroom, what do I do to I fix this?

First step, verify that the teacher account is enabled.


1.Click on the teacher tab on the admin portal

2.Once the teacher list appears, verify that the account is enabled (next to the column that states” Limit teacher to assigned room only)”.If the account is enabled it will say True. If it says disabled it will say False.

3.To change to True, click on the white box at the end of the teacher’s record row.

4.Click on the bulk action drop down menu in the blue header bar

5.Select “Toggle Enabled”.

6.Use the same process to disable an account –change to False



Second step, check to see what their room assignment is on their teacher page. If teachers do not have access to a classroom, they will not be able to log in and create events for students.


1.Click on teacher tab on admin portal

2.Select the teacher name from the list by clicking on their last name

3. Scroll down to rooms- Verify that they have the correct classroom assigned. If they need access to to a specific or all classrooms, check mark all of them that they need access to.

4.If they are to be limited to only those classrooms, select “limit” by check marking the box. Leave the box blank if they are not to be limited (prevented) from logging into other rooms

5. When a teacher logs into the app, she/he will see all of the classrooms that she/he has access to in the classroom drop down menu.


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